Hello world! This is UNL Russian Club!


This is the first post in what we hope is going to be a long blog about all things Russian and our Russian Club events. We sincerely hope that if you have things to contribute you will immediately contact us y commenting in this post and we’ll be happy to publish whatever you have to say about your experience studying Russian language, visiting Russia or the countries that used the be the USSR republics, and just random thoughts and comments you find important. This blog reflects individual views of its writers and does not coincide with the views and policies of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Please, consider contributing to this blog, and if you don’t know where to start, here are some topics you might like:

Poetry in Russian – Who are your favorite Russian Poets? Have you ever translated or recited Russian Poetry? What topics interest you most? Have you ever read any English poetry in Russian translation?

Russian Literature – Tolstoy, Dostoevskii, Pushkin, Bulgakov, Platonov, Pasternak – you name it, and don’t forget to share your favourite book and favourite quotations (in Russian and in English)

Russian Holidays – have you ever celebrated New Year Russian style? Do you know what happens on May 28? Do women in the family get flowers on the 8th of March? Blog about those and other Russian celebrations that you’ve experienced.

Traveling in Russia – What cities have you visited? Where do you want to go, what advice would you give to the people who are planning their trip? Traveling in Russia is Great Fun!

Russian History – What are the ten things you’ve learnt about Russian history that were amazingly unexpected? What books about Russian tzars and general secretaries  would you recommend? Do you know the ten least known facts from the life of Stalin? Be an expert and share.

Russian Cinema – So, you hated the Irony of Fate, and did not much like The Barber of Siberia. But there has to be a Russian film that you like and would watch ten times a year. Or maybe you’ve seen something that has not been translated into English yet and deserves attention? Anyway, please review your favorite Russian movie for our users. Alternatively, contribute to the on-going collection of the great Russian Movie Quotations of all time. And, of course, watch and share Russian cartoons.

Russian Science – do you study chemistry of physics, or just know who Mendeleev and Kapitsa were – please, share some of your knowledge, and just contribute to spreading the word about Russian people of science across the globe.

Russian Customs and Traditions – Why throw a pinch of salt over the left shoulder? Why do Russians remove their shoes when they enter somebody’s home? Please consider recording and reporting any unique Russian tradition or custom that you encounter here.

Russian Language – Grammar questions? Or you know what you “search adventures on”? Share your experiences of studying Russian language here.


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