Russian poets: Алексей Решетов (Alexei Reshetov)


This is a modern Russian poet, lesser known both in Russia and abroad, but today I remembered one of his poems and decided to share

Мы в детстве были много откровенней:

“Что у тебя на завтрак?”  – “Ничего.”

“А у меня – хлеб с маслом и варенье.

Возьми немного хлеба моего.”

Прошли года, и мы другими стали.

И уж никто не спросит никого:

“Что у тебя на сердце? Уж не тьма ли?

Возьми немного света моего.”

He was born in 1937, and in 1937 his father was shot and his mother was sent into the prison camps first in Kazakhstan, and then in Solikamsk. One may read more of  his poetry here and in Russian Wikipedia


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