We all use dictionaries


Previously I wrote that one could use multitran.ru and Google Translate to translate words and texts from Russian into English and back. Here I would like to say more about dictionaries and translators.

I grew up studying English, so even before I went to the lanaguge school my father gave a big English Russian dictionary as a present. Here is what it looked like:

Словарь Мюллера

and included about 80 thousand entries.

I also had a smaller dictionary:

"Большой" англо-русский словарь

Even though it says “Большой”, and “new” is not quite a translation for this word, it had twenty thousand words and was helpful in smaller projects.

Later I used all kinds of dictionaries, but those remained my only home ones. Right now I am using New Oxford American Dictionary and I am very happy.

New Oxford American Dictionary

So, and what dictionaries are you using? PLease share stories and pictures in the comments.


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