Russian music: Иванушки International


These three young men became the first post-Soviet pop-idols for the teenage schoolgirls. Coming out in 1996 Иванушки International appealed to many girls: Andrei – the “sunflower,” a cheerful red-head, Kirill – a dark-haired romancer, and Igor – a romantic  poet were an ideal trio and came out strong with their first hit Тучи

“Друг твой не пришел, вечер не сложился, просто не пришел и не извинился…”

Produced by Igor Matvienko, who also wrote music for their hits, and singing the words of Aleksandr Shaganov, they were probably the most popular group in the late 1990 – early 2000s.

“Туда где я и где ты разводит вечер мосты и уплывут корабли туда где я и ты”

If you watch closely, you’ll see that Igor disappears from the  later videos and is replaced with a Oleg – a younger, shorter blonde guy of the same type. Igor  died in 1998,  jumping from the 8th floor balcony of his building and had to be replaced to keep the group going.

Тополиный пух, жара, июнь, ночи такие звездные…

The group was created in the auditioning prerequisite of the “American Idol” and “Стань звездой” (AI Russian analog) shows.

А ты не сдерживай слез, беги, беги…

Иванушки International still remain an object of nostalgic memories of the early post-Soviet generation. So, I hope you’ll enjoy them, too.


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