Passport to Adventure (2)


“Jennifer Bright, Cass County 4-H leader, kicked off the annual 4-H Passport to Adventure Family Fun Night, June 7, at the Cass County fairgrounds with an account of her experiences in Russia followed by a presentation of Russian fairytales by Svetlana Rasmussen, UNL graduate student and member of the UNL Russian Club. Participants then made the rounds to experience Russia with crafts and demonstrations consisting of traditional lacquer boxes, matryoshka (nesting) dolls, Russian paper cutwork, Faberge eggs, camomile (national flower of Russia) planting in hand decorated pots, sputnik space shuttle rockets, blinis (Russian pancakes), kitemaking, Russian name magnets, playing Tetris (puzzle video game originally designed and developed in the Soviet Union) with the help of Russian native Irina Ogorodnova Harrington, displays of Russian items and authentic Russian food tasting. 4-H Junior leaders and adult volunteers helped implement the activities.”

article and photos released by Diane Mayfield, our contact with the Cass County 4-H group, taken from the Louisville Wednesday Newsletter, which can be found here


About Everything Russian

We are a group of UNL students dedicated to the study of the Russian language and Russian culture, literature, history, art, geography, economics, and in general all things Russian. The views and opinions expressed here belong exclusively to the writers and may not reflect the official viewpoint of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

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