Бурановские бабушки: the NPR story


For years they were singing for themselves and their neighbors, but now in the era of global internet and national music contests they went viral on the web. Had been selected for the Eurovision contest – they would have won it. The NPR story about the Udmurt women who became internet singing stars in Russia and globally gives a better perspective of their life and fame. And to judge for yourself here are some videos:

and here is “The Star named the Sun” (Zvezda po imeni Solntse) – a Victor Tsoi song in Udmurt

finally – “Yesterday” (in Udmurt, again)


Here is their website http://www.buranovskiebabushki.ru/ for more information.

P.S. Udmurtia is a region in the East of European Russia, with a capital of Izhevsk.


Udmurtia in Russia




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