Famous Moscow buildings (and some of them are no longer there)


Moscow is renowned for its various architectural styles and renovations. So infamous they are that within 40 years from 1960 to 2000 it has changed almost unrecognizably to those who have visited it all that time. So there is nothing left for nostalgic Russian bloggers but to greet their readers from old photos on behalf of the buildings, sculptures and spaces: “Hello, we are hotel “Inturist,” hotel “Moskva,” and an empty space in front of Manege. We are no longer here.”

hotel "Moskva", hotel "Inturist" and a square in front of Manezh







1960s Red Square




Rabochii i Kollhoznitsa - by Vera Mukhina

Rabochii i Kolkhoznitsa 1960s


Танфель Борисович Бакман

All Union exhibition of Achievements of the People's Economy 1960s


View of 1970s Moscow

Pushkin, Mayakovskii, Gorkii (1960s)

Pushkin, Mayakovskii, Gorkii (1960s)


Mayakovskii Square


Pushkin Square 1960s (Rossia movie theater)


Moscow Planetarium


Planetarium 1960s


Дом на Набережной

"Россия" самая большая гостиница в Европе с видом на Красную площадь (была)

The Bolshoi in the 1960s (now newly restaured)

Old Arbat

Old Arbat

1960s Moskva Swimming pool


Открытый бассейн Москва (guess what now stands in its place)

from ValKorn’s Livejournal

1970s Moscow

1960s Moscow

Here is a slideshow

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