Mr. Tro-lo-lo – Eduard Hil’


What connects a 1970s song about winter, a Russian action movie, and Mr Tro-lo-lo you ask? The answer is – Eduard Hil”s voice, that makes any song, even without words and any associated image an immediate hit. This post is certainly at least a year late, however, it is never too late to learn.

You might have been among those nine million (9,000,000) people who have seen this video on youtube

and experienced what Mikhail Shiyanov  called a “power surge”  – excitement, pleasure and fear all at once.

Eduard Hil’ – the owner of this magnificent voice never stopped being a star since his 1960s and 70s fame, even  if only locally. He would hear people singing songs about winter under his windows, and now is happy to get 9 million more fans, even if he would only be a Mr. Trololo to them.

RIA Novosti Miroslav Murazov


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