Своя игра


Can you answer this question before time is out?

Soviet television had a long tradition of intellectual games Starting from KVN (КВН – Клуб Веселых и Находчивых) to Что? Где? Когда? with Vladimir Voroshilov, Brain -Ring, and eventually the new Russia’s Своя игра – a Russian analogue of Jeopardy. Predictably, none of them were “democratic,” i.e. it was only select few who could participate in the selection process and get access to the game table and television time. On the other hand, though, the games are so popular that they are played officially and unofficially in many cities in Russia and the former Soviet Union.

The fans are so numerous, that there are multiple web-sites and books with analysis of games, mistakes noted in the questions and answers, and other paraphernalia.

The game started in 1994.

and here is an episode from 1995

and the latest from 2011


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