Back to the Future – Комсомольская правда January 1, 1959


In the era when the first man-made object was already in Space, but the first man yet was not (1959), Komsomol’skaya Pravda – a leading Soviet newspaper for the younger public printed its news from January 1, 2010. This is our closest view of what communism would be like, had it been built.

page 7

You are welcome to read about the public celebrations of the new year, complete with horse rides, rocket rides, reindeer,  and Ded Moroz. Yes, all the food was bought in the stores with automata advising on the best choices. The youth, whose grandparents were plowing the steppes of Central Asia and building the Baikal-Amur railroad, are now in the process of building tunnels under the Kaspian sea, developing underwater mining (at least not oil drilling), and  making electric stations on the Moon.

page 7

page 8

Here we learn more about the necessity to do nature reserves on the Moon, a weird mental desease of accumulating wealth, and the bad scheduling of color reception on the videophones (hello Skype!)

page 8

page 9

The “Cold War” is all but forgotten in 2010 – when the rocket bases are found in the remote Pacific Ocean islands people even don’t know what they are. Apparently America in 2010 has been magically annihilated altogether. Oh yes, and one can rent helicopters to move around.

page 9

page 10

Good news – “my and yours” have become obsolete. Also, Mars libraries have been found, and – guess what? – their literature is an exact copy of the Soviet scientific writing, except of course they wonder if there is life on Earth.  Mammoths live in zoos.

page 10


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