On Wednesday, September 7 UNL Czech and Russian Clubs hosted an Evening of Slavic music featuring a selection of  Antonin Dvorak’s opera, dances, and songs.

The evening marked a 170 year anniversary of Dvorak’s birth and also  119 (120 in 2012) years since Dvorak’s arrival to America at the invitation of Nebraska and Iowa Czechs.

Dr. Svetlana Yashirin, Bill Carpenter, Corbin Grootius, Talea Bloch, and Dennis Klimesh performed Dvorak’s works to the general acclaim of the audience.

For those of you who missed it here is a quick recap:

1.  Slavonic Dances. Op.46 no.1, 2, and 8, performed by Dr.Svetlana Yashirin and Bill Carpenter.

Here is a a performance of Dance no.8 (Furiant) by Berliner Filarmoniker, Sir Simon Rattle conducting.

2. Rusalka Moon Aria by Talea Bloch, accompanied by Corbin Grootius 

In the opera of the same name, Rusalka – a spirit of the water, falls in love with a prince and goes to the witch Ježibaba for assistance in gaining access on land and sings the Aria to the Moon asking her to tell the prince of her love. Listen to Czech soprano Milada Surbtova’s magnificent voice.

3. Dennis Klimesh:  Dvorak’s Biblical Songs 

Composed a few days before Dvorak’s father’s death, these are lesser known compositions, yet no less powerful in their rendition of the Biblical texts, particularly Psalm 23: Lord is My Shepherd.


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