Traveling songs


Inspired by the classroom watching of Whose Is This Song? I decided to learn all about it and found the Poemas del río Wang blog on

Aside from a fascinating multi-language entry on “Whose is this song?” – a documentary by a Bulgarian Adela Peeva listing many of the songs mentioned in the film and the film itself, the entry links to other posts on similar international songs – Bela Ciao, and heroic songs of the Balkans among them.

The blog is one of the better popular sources on the German/Eastern European/Russian curiosities of the first half of the 20th century and is commendable for its depth of coverage and multi-language writing.

Just some examples I liked best

Pictures from the box – Italian soldier in Eastern Europe during World War II

Crocodiles – 1935 soviet satire of the German Drang nach Osten

The Hungarian and his bear – a tale of an ancient trade that is no more

A killer game – children soldiers on the World War I postcards

The first blow – Russian-German conversation book of 1941

Parade – “liberation” of the West Ukraine and West Bielorussia and the new border with Germany in 1939

Катюша – songs, guns and women of war

World revolution for children – board games


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