and this is the Muppet Show in Russian


Everybody knows the Muppet Show. If you start doubting this statement, think:  do you know Kermit the Frog? And Gonzo the Great? Fozzie the Bear?  Soviet Children did not know about Jim Henson or the muppets and not just because season two featured Rudolf Nureev in the Swine Lake. The whole concept of laughing at oneself and state seriousness (impersonated by Sam, the American Eagle) was more foreign to the Soviet State  than the English language and the capitalist countries. Thankfully, 1991 gave millions of  young teenagers like me an opportunity to enjoy the hilarious forbidden art of puppeteering.


About Everything Russian

We are a group of UNL students dedicated to the study of the Russian language and Russian culture, literature, history, art, geography, economics, and in general all things Russian. The views and opinions expressed here belong exclusively to the writers and may not reflect the official viewpoint of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

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