Grape-picking for a cause

I wanted to share these photos with the club as I took Aina along with Toon, who are working with me in the LINC, Lincoln International Networking Community, as mentees this semester. Aina had been invited as a new international student to this event and wanted to share with Toon and me. We had a very nice day!
Thank you for inviting us.
Archie Devore

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This is what the Russian Club last Saturday, September 10 – picked grapes to raise money for the Club events. It was great fun, and , guess what ? – there are more grapes to be picked.  This Saturday – September 24 at 7.30 am at the Landing Dove vinery. Want to come with us – just comment at this post and we’ll send you further instructions on how to get there. It is going to be a gorgeous warm day – share it with us.

About Everything Russian

We are a group of UNL students dedicated to the study of the Russian language and Russian culture, literature, history, art, geography, economics, and in general all things Russian. The views and opinions expressed here belong exclusively to the writers and may not reflect the official viewpoint of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

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