Prague 1968


Moscow Brothers Lumier Center of Photography now  hosts an exhibition “Вторжение-68” – featuring photographs from the Soviet military invasion into Czechoslovakia in August 1968. Photographer Josef Koudelka managed to smuggle these photos  into the United States in 1969. This a Radio Svoboda report featuring some of the photos, as well as the link to the discussion of the new book documenting the invasion.

В Московском центре фотографии братьев Люмьер открылась выставка, это репортажи о советском военном вторжении в Прагу в августе 1968 года. За эти фото, тайно вывезенные в США, их автор Йозеф Коуделка анонимно получил в 1969 году золотую медаль Роберта Капы.

One of the most striking memories Koudelka shares is how he would befriend young Soviet soldiers, who would not know where they are. The soldiers thought they are in Germany and were very surprised to hear people speaking Russian to them.


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